Sunday, May 4, 2014

Das Mule - Custom ARB Fridge Fitting

It was exciting to visit the grand opening of Das Mule and Mule Expedition Outfitters on Saturday.  They are an expedition 4x4 outfitters with real world knowledge, a great designer and a passion for Vanagon's with their very own Syncro called Das Mule. 

I hoped for a good experience and I was not disappointed.  We already had a pair of their cool rock sliders on the wish list for our new Syncro and with their 10% off grand opening offer it was a chance to pick up some new toys for both Benny and our new Syncro.

The owners are amazing and passionate people who spent time with us showing us around and sharing ideas for our build.   One exciting purchase was an ARB chest fridge/freezer which will replace our cooler, the need for ice and not to mention wet and soggy food :).

Now the challenge how to secure the fridge in Benny with the mounting harness.  That is where the folks of Das Mule really saved the day when they agreed to help with a short notice custom solution. 

Here are the pictures of the solution and I think you will admit it is both simple and slick, oh and if you don't, I do, sorry it is my rig after all. 

My thanks go out to Joe for working with me at short notice - We are lucky to have another great outdoors store - check them out, you might find something cool.  I did, well, you can't take it with you but you can take it camping :)

Mounting Point Measured and Cut with Riv Nuts installed
Close up 

Custom fabricated mounting anchor - Screws In Place


Mounting Point, Custom Anchor and Rubber Cap


Anchors in place - Flush with the floor (Nice)

Fridge Locked Down and Going nowhere

Sporting a new Mule Sticker :0)

Keep on camping people and power up.