Saturday, January 30, 2016

Stinky Spoke: Fun in the Rain

The middle of winter is a great time for a fun ride and this year I found out about the Stinky Spoke Poker ride and could not resist.  Most rode mountain bikes, but there was a good number of cross bikes, fat bikes, vintage bikes and well lets just, say others.

A nice touch is the poker competition, with riders collecting cards along the route.  Those with the best hands at the end of the ride stand a chance of winning a prize.  Needless to say yours truly lucked out, but enjoyed the game.

The ride starts with a monster climb aptly named "Heart Attack Hill" with an average gradient of 19%.  The prize for those that make it to the top without putting a foot down is a dog tag to recognize the achievement.  From there on in it is a mixture of rollers, single track, trails, a short section of road and finishing up on the river trail back to the start. 

At the finish there was a warm tent and changing areas, along with a band and a bar, allowing everyone to gather and share there stories.  The biggest story of the day was the weather which did not let up raining the whole day.  The good news was that it did not dampen anyone's spirits. 

I learnt next year will be the 10th anniversary for the ride and one not to miss.  Here is a picture leading up to Heart Attack Hill and a short video of the day - enjoy

Remember to Keep it Rubber Side Down and MaxLifeOut

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