Saturday, May 14, 2016

Tour of California 2016 - Buck List Trip

For those of you that know me it will not come as a surprise when I say cycling is a passion.  I have loved bikes for as long as I can remember and like all young cyclists I dreamt of joining the ranks of the immortals, the professionals that pit themselves against themselves, the elements and each other. 

The story is all too common, boy dreams of become a pro and then life happens and 27 years later the dreams are long past but the passion is as strong as ever. 

Or so I thought.  No I have not become the oldest professional in the peloton but it turns out I can do the next best thing, I can experience an 8 day stage race ahead of the professionals.  Stay at the same hotels, ride with team support,  hand my bike off to a mechanic and the end of the ride with luck (if we stayed away) watch the professionals finish the race off before heading back to the hotel a massage and bed.

Since the end of the cyclocross training I have dedicated my training to ride the Amgen Tour of California and compete 778.9 miles & 58,109 accumulated ft of climbing.

Stage 1:  May 15th - 108.7 miles 6700ft (San Diego)
Stage 2:  May 16th - 92.3 miles 11300ft (South Pasadena ->  Santa Clarita)
Stage 3:  May 17th - 104.1 miles 8700ft (Thousand Oaks ->  Gibraltar)
Stage 4: May 18th - 134.7 miles 8100ft (Morro Bay -> Laguna Seca)
Stage 5:  May 19th - 131.7 miles 13300ft (Lodi  -> Lake Tahoe)
Stage 6:  May 20th - 12.6 miles 800ft (Big Bear Time Trial)
Stage 7:  May 21st - 109.1 miles 8600ft (Santa Rosa)
Stage 8:  May 22nd - 85.7 miles 600ft (LA Live -> Pasadena)

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