Thursday, June 9, 2016

Wednesday Night Track Racing (Master B)

Don't you just hate it when you think you are all organized and then circumstances transpire to reset your sense of tranquility.  Well this week I keep getting reset and it started with my cross bike which I am using to ride a gran fondo on Sunday but more about that in my next post.  Work was crazy busy and my amazing wife had my kit ready to go for the nights racing.  All I had to do was tension my chain and put the bike on the car.  Well that's what I thought I had to do until a quick check of my tires revealed a cut.  With an hour to get to the track and warm up I seriously considered ignoring it, then common sense kicked in and I had the wheels off rushing a last minute tire replacement.  Even the sky looked threatening and both Sarah and I thought the nights racing might end up being cancelled due to rain.

Well that was the start of the night and you might be forgiven for thinking the next sentence would be "and it went down hill from there".  Well I am very pleased to report that was not the case.  In fact the drive went smoothly, the sun came out and I got in a 15 minute warm up before race proceedings started.  Since I have still not sorted out my gearing to be able to ride the restricted cat 4 races I was down for the Master B races.

First race of the night was a 10 lap scratch, we had a small 8 man field as we rolled out for our neutral lap.  With 3 to go one rider made a bold move and attacked off the front and the pack was unwilling to chase.  He quickly established a gap before the pack decided to make a move.  As I watched him ride away I had the choice of sprint to get away and risk being caught in no mans land wasting energy, chase hard and pull everyone with me or sit in and fight it out for second.  With two more races to go I aired on the side of energy conservation.  In the last lap I maneuvered myself into the perfect position and was able to take the sprint for 2nd place.

The second race was a win-n-out on laps 3, 6, 9 & 12.  The first rider across the line when the bell rings takes first and exits the race and so on.  The race started fast with an immediate attack that was quickly marked.  I did not get into the best position for the first sprint and whilst I was able to fight around the rider in front I was only able to cross the line in 2nd.  With the wind at my back in the back straight I decided to stay on the pedals and see what happened, the gamble paid off, the pack let me go and I was able to stay away for the next 3 laps to take 2nd.

The last race of the night was a 16 lap 4x4 points race.  It was going to be a closely fought battle and I needed to pay attention to my position.  In the first sprint I fought to get on a wheel and was able to take 3rd.  I was better positioned in the second sprint but was unable to come around the rider in front taking 2nd which was the same for the 3rd sprint.  As we wound up for the 4th sprint a rider took off for a flying lap, knowing that the wind would hit him as he turned into the home straight I held position and remained patient.  The patience paid off as one of the strongest riders in the group launched an attack and I was on his wheel immediately.  I almost lost him as we turned into corner 3 but dug deep.  The rider ahead was fading fast in the wind and we passed him in the home straight.  It was all I could do to hold the wheel of the rider in front.  My 2nd place finish gave me the tie breaker and I won the race and as a result took the omnium for the night.

It was a great night at the track, the weather brightened up, there was a strong field to compete with and great conversation had with both old and new friends.
Hitting the gas hard, not to shabby after hugging a tree in the Ballard Crit at the weekend
(short video)

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  1. It was a great night. As always support team at hand with fuel and cover ups between races. Very tactically played, nice one!