Saturday, May 14, 2016

Tour of California 2016 - Warmup Ride

The plane touched down in San Diego and the CTS driver was there to pick me up.   I left the airport a little worried after seeing the dreaded TSA stamp and knowing my bag had been inspected.  Had they taken care to re pack it, would my bike be ok?

Upon arrival at the hotel the CTS crew were there to take my bike and assemble it, and I breathed a sign of relief when it all came together.  I let the mechanic know about my derailleur jumping and that I had spare hangers if needed.  Later when we chatted there was more good news, the trim just needed a little more adjustment.

We are staying at the Radission along with pro teams such as Cannondale and Wiggins.  The CTS setup looks every bit as professional as the pro teams.

At 3pm we rolled out for an hours warmup ride before we head out tonight to Bill Waltons house for dinner.  I am pleased to report that the bike felt great.

Here are a few pictures.

And here are the guys that will be keeping our bikes in tip top condition for the next 8 days

Keep it Rubber Side Down and MaxLifeOut ....

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